Acupoint injection of autologous stromal vascular fraction and allogeneic adipose-derived stem cells to treat hip dysplasia in dogs.

PMID: 25180040 PMCID: PMC4144304 DOI: 10.1155/2014/391274 Typically we have seen dogs, horses, and people with arthritis receiving stem cell treatment with direct injections into the affected joint(s).  This study out of Brazil, published in 2016, evaluated the response for dogs suffering from congenital hip dysplasia/arthritis who had very poor response to drugs.  These 9 patients […]

Outcome of Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs Suffering from Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Defects.

This is a very recent study out of Australia evaluating the treatment of arthritis from a single dog’s Adipose stem cells (harvested from fat and then multiplied in culture).  Arthritis in dogs is progressive and unfortunately, very common.  Eventually, one out of every five dogs will suffer from arthritis and there is no cure.  Pharmaceuticals […]

Activated Mesenchymal Stem Cells Interact with Antibiotics and Host Innate Immune Responses to Control Chronic Bacterial Infections

This is a very well-designed study just out of Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  As I am sure you are well aware, the medical community is in a war with “Superbugs”.  There are many strains of pathogenic bacteria that our patients battle with and we clinicians have little to offer as these bacteria […]

Evaluation of autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on renal regeneration after experimentally induced acute kidney injury in dogs

Lim CY, Han JI, Kim SG, Lee CM, Park HM. Kidney failure is one of the most debilitating maladies for a patient and extremely frustrating for a care provider. Like nerve cells, kidney cells are very poor at regeneration….once they are gone, they are gone. In trying to help a dog or cat with kidney failure, I usually feel […]

Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Modulate Molecular Markers of Inflammation in Dogs with Cruciate Ligament Rupture

This is a very recent study out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison evaluating the effect of stem cell therapy applied to dog knees that were considered prone to cruciate ligament rupture.  Though it is a small group of patients, the results were very encouraging. It is ever difficult to break the news to a client […]

Diabetes Treatment in Humans

This is a very small study from Weifang China involving people suffering from Type 2 diabetes (T2D-insulin dependent). This is the most common type of diabetes in dogs and cats and is treatable, but often a debilitating condition for our pets and burdensome for our pet parents. The best course of treatment involves multiple visits and blood […]

Transplantation of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells for acute thoracolumbar disc disease with no deep pain perception in dogs

  J Vet Sci. 2015 Aug 4.  This study is a very interesting study out of Seoul South Korea.  The researchers evaluated a group of dogs with ruptured intervertebral disc that had caused these dogs to become acutely paralyzed and had no perception of deep pain.  This is usually a very poo r prognosis. Traditional surgery […]

Stem Cell Blog Intro

I am intrigued with adult stem cell therapy, have been for years. And the more I learn, the more excited I become. I have given my life to “tend the flock”, caring for thousands of pet family members. It has been an honor. Decades ago I became fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the […]