Acupoint injection of autologous stromal vascular fraction and allogeneic adipose-derived stem cells to treat hip dysplasia in dogs.

PMID: 25180040

PMCID: PMC4144304

DOI: 10.1155/2014/391274

Typically we have seen dogs, horses, and people with arthritis receiving stem cell treatment with direct injections into the affected joint(s).  This study out of Brazil, published in 2016, evaluated the response for dogs suffering from congenital hip dysplasia/arthritis who had very poor response to drugs.  These 9 patients received injections of stems cells into the location of three acupuncture points or acupoints commonly utilized to give relief to these patients via acupuncture.

Though a very small study, the results were very positive as nearly all (8 of 9) of patients experienced clear relief.  This may be an important therapeutic alternative,

negating the need for the sedation most usually required for intra-articular injections.  Once again, further and larger studies are needed to validate this mode of treatment.