Arthritis Stem Cell Study FAQ – Updated 2-22-2017

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The focus of this study will be the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints.

The study will run over the course of approximately one year and will include at least five (5) clinic visits (Screening, dosing, 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month follow-ups)

Though every medical procedure is associated with some amount of risk, stem cell treatment has been shown to be very safe thus far.

As long as your dog is not too nervous for x-rays or injections, anesthesia will not be needed. Reversible sedation, however, will be used to keep the pet comfortable and stabilize the joints during the injection process.

Yes, extensively. This is a pivotal FDA study and the cell lines are pure. They have been tested for 21 different pathogens and screened for the safety of your dog

The only pain that could possibly be experienced, and oftentimes goes unnoticed by our patients, is the placement of an IV catheter or the small infusion of a local anesthetic.

Your dog will receive just one injection per joint to be monitored (up to 2 joints). If at the end of the study your dog has yet to receive stem cells an injection will be given at that time as well.

If your dog has had surgery on any of the joints in question within the previous six (6) month period they will, unfortunately, be disqualified for participation in this study.

Although your pet may not receive stem cells during the initial study parameters all participants will be given the option to receive stem cell injections at the end of the study period.

These cells have been shown to immediately go to work by decreasing inflammation and rebuilding cartilage.

All study-specific expenses will be covered and owners will be compensated up to $400 for successful completion of the study.

Unfortunately this study excludes any dogs that are pregnant, lactating, or intended for breeding.

It is very important for the success of the study that you make every appointment within two days of the target date. If you cannot make the appointment due to an emergency we will do our best to adjust accordingly.

Intermittent use and changes in dose are not allowed during the study. On a case-by-case basis these medications may be allowed if approved by the principal investigator and sponsor of the study.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the research, this study will be blind meaning that you will not know at the time of the initial injection(s) whether or not your pet has received stem cells. At the end of the study all participants will be given the option to receive stem cells.

You will need to bring your dog to the study center for every one of the five visits and fill out a survey at each of those visits.

We are allowed to treat up to two (2) joints (shoulder, elbow, hip, or knee) for your dog so long as they are clinically affected with arthritis.