Outcome of Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs Suffering from Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Defects.

This is a very recent study out of Australia evaluating the treatment of arthritis from a single dog’s Adipose stem cells (harvested from fat and then multiplied in culture).  Arthritis in dogs is progressive and unfortunately, very common.  Eventually, one out of every five dogs will suffer from arthritis and there is no cure.  Pharmaceuticals are the most common way to bring relief.  The thing I really like about this study is the sheer number of dogs evaluated….203!

No adverse reactions were noted and an unbelievable 85% of these dogs had significant improvement in comfort and mobility after just a single treatment!  It is worth noting that the most improved arthritic canine patients, tended to be the younger amongst them, suggesting that early intervention provides better patient outcomes.  We do not know how long these positive effects last and so more studies are needed.