Stem Cell Blog Intro

Stem Cell Blog Intro

Pet Stem CellI am intrigued with adult stem cell therapy, have been for years. And the more I learn, the more excited I become. I have given my life to “tend the flock”, caring for thousands of pet family members. It has been an honor. Decades ago I became fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the living body: amazing, resilient, and often miraculous.

Only weeks into practice some 26 years ago, I would come face to face with loved pets that I had only too little to offer and often too late. I was frustrated then and I am now when either poor treatment, or no treatment remain our only options. When my patient suffers from conditions like paralysis, congestive heart or chronic kidney failure, osteoarthritis, and other debilitating conditions…It breaks my heart as I cannot help but feel that I have let them down. I want to do better.

I am pumped that I believe it is all about to change. Stem cell therapy will not replace excellent nutrition, regular exercise, infectious disease prevention, proper dental care, etc….but it looks as though it may allow safe and effective treatments for people and pets in situations where we traditionally had nothing to offer. This is exciting!!

I would like for nothing better than to drastically minimize our dependency upon pharmaceuticals, many of which are over utilized and may only go so far as to mask symptoms, yet propagate unwanted side-effects.

Can you imagine a treatment of living cells with the potential to minimize inflammation, tame the immune system, and regenerate tissues that are either dead or in the process of dying? Adult stem cells truly can be “the gift that keeps on giving” in that they will continue the good work by dividing into specialized cells as the body needs. The potential applications of Stem Cell Therapy are virtually unlimited. Fortunately, the research has shown few, if any, downsides. Is there a single drug on the market that could make such claims? No. Using the body to heal the body really makes a lot of sense.

I founded “The Pet Stem Cell Institute” to develop, advance, and provide cutting-edge stem cell therapy options in animals through research and clinical trials in collaboration with both human and veterinary professionals. My intent is not to get caught up in all the media hype of stem cell therapy but that we will become a center for the advancement and application of stem cell therapy in animals based upon solid research with safety always preeminent.

If this interests you as well, look for my blogs on both human and pet stem cell research. I will continue to pour over published papers, and offer short and understandable summaries. For you science minds, I will place a hyperlink to the actual papers.

Journey with me. It promises to be an exciting trip.

Dr. Amsberry